Kirby Triple Deluxe Shows off a Layer of Tasty New Abilities

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Kirby! Yeah, I get excited when a new Kirby title is on the horizon, and now that we are just a month away from Kirby Triple Deluxe, its time to get pumped! Today, Nintendo are ready to assist with a brand spanking new trailer for the new 3DS title starring the pink fluff.

This little clip is all about abilities. You got the usual, such as spikes, parasol, and the whip – but we now have new abilities that grant Kirby new powers, such as the circus and bell techniques. Notice also that some of the older abilities have more usage this time around (when is the last time you actually used the parasol for anything other than whacking Waddle Dees to death?), and things are shaping up nicely so watch the clip and get ready, as Kirby is coming right back at ya!

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