History of the Demon Girl on Kickstarter

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One man indie developer Silhouette Games, run by Danny Mastrangelo, is bringing his retro styled level runner History of the Demon Girl to Kickstarter, in hopes of raising enough funding to complete the title. History of a Demon Girl will challenge players to run through the nine Circles of Hell in the fastest time possible, in a bid to help Roku escape hell. Silhouette Games is drawing inspiration from games like Mega Man and Katamari Damacy to create a game full of dark humour.

Silhouette Games is looking to raise $8000 to help fund the next six months of development. History of the Demon Girl‘s Kickstarter campaign has 8 days left. The game will be compatible with Mac and Windows. Gamers can check out a free demo on IndieDB, back the project on Kickstarter, and vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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