Goat Simulator Now Available on Steam

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April Fool’s just became serious. Indie developers Coffee Stain Studio‘s tech experiment turned actual video game, Goat Simulator, is now available on Steam. Inspired by old school Tony Hawk’s skateboarding games, players will lead their goat onto a path of zany destruction in a peaceful little town. Goat Simulator became a video hit after footage meant to demonstrate some technical experimentation went viral on YouTube.


Goat Simulator will give players a chance to participate in one of the sillier parts of game development, extremely strange bugs that result in hilarity. Coffee Stain Studios has no intention of fixing the odd bugs that may come from development. Instead, they have chosen to embrace the silliness. The game comes with Steam Workshop support that will allow gamers to create their own content for the game. Goat Simulator is now available on Steam for $9.99.

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