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Ubisoft owned studio Massive Entertainment, the team working on the anticipated next gen title Tom Clancy’s The Division, has today released a developer diary that focuses on the powerful Snowdrop Engine, which is the game engine being used to bring The Division (and most likely many future Ubisoft titles) to life. As discussed in the developer diary video which you can watch below for yourself, the powerful Snowdrop Engine has made the lives of the developers much easier as they can create assets much more quickly, edit things on the fly and test them in a real time interactive environment, I’m sure any game devs out there reading this would love to get their hands on it. Some other highlights of what the engine allows developers to do to procedually create all type of environments and achieve an unprecedented level of real-time lightling fidelity.

The Snowdrop Engine was built in response to the ever growing trend of massive AAA games and the simple philosophy of ‘do things better, not bigger’. One important note is that while all those forests and giant flies sure looked great, they were simply there as a tech demo and won’t be featured in Tom Clancy’s The Division, which is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2015.

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