Tomoaki Kohguchi The 64 Year Old Cosplayer

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Cast your minds back to last year when Attack on Titan was airing, it was around half way through the season when a photo of an old man in Dot Pixis cosplay was uploaded and the resemblance is nothing but spot on. I am happy to say that this was not a one off occurrence as this awesome man is an actual cosplayer and has recently turned 65 years old.

His name is Tomoaki Kohguchi and has become somewhat of a public figure in the anime community; when he’s not working his day job as a businessman, he’s attending conventions in Japan dressed as characters from various anime including One Piece, Ao No Exorcist and of course his right on the nose Master Rochi from Dragon Ball Z. Kohguchi is also a member of the Hiroshima Cosquerade Committee, a group that runs various cosplay events in order to promote Japanese pop culture within the Hiroshima prefecture. You can find out more about the turtle hermit by checking out his twitter or Facebook page, the latter of which has over 39,000 likes.


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