The Titans are Ready in OZ, Titanfall now available

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Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment’s and Electronic Arts Inc.’s title, is now available for purchase at retail stores across Australia exclusively for Microsoft’s Xbox One and on for PC. Having been unveiled last June, Titanfall has had many in the gaming community asking questions such as: “Where is my titan?” and “Why do I not have my titan RIGHT NOW?”. The multiplayer first-person action shooter gameplay focuses on futuristic combat which features awesome mechs and jet-pack toting infantry. ‘How exactly puny infantry Davids are meant to take on the titan Goliaths’ is not a question I ask myself as I cut through the enemy lines like a chainsword through butter. We’ve previously previewed Titanfall here but we’re interested in knowing what you think. How do you find the game so far? Any awesome tips and tricks? And how the heck am I meant to take on a titan as a puny footslogger?

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