Return to Diablo III with Reaper of Souls

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After some major changes by Blizzard, it is a great time to return to Diablo III. The real money auction house has been removed in favour of a new re-tuned loot system based on player response, the Paragon system has been completely changed, and the crafting system has been tweaked. Loot will be a little rarer, but now, players will be able to get more helpful loot every time. Legendary items are now Bind on Account, meaning all of your characters benefit from your rare loot.

The new expansion pack brings in a new act for players to complete, which follows the Nephalim on a journey to recapture the Black Soulstone from Maltheal, the Angel of Death. Once the new act is complete, gamers will have access to the new Adventure Mode, which will allow them to tackle randomly generated dungeons and bounties. For those looking for new and better looking gear, the new Mystic artisan will provide players with new gear options. Reaper of Souls provides players with the opportunity to rain holy righteousness on their enemy with the new heavily armoured holy warrior class, the Crusader.

Whether you’re an old grizzled Diablo veteran or you are new to the series, it is a great time to play Diablo III. Get ready for Reaper of Souls by checking out this trailer.

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