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New Monuments Added to Anno Online

Seems simple enough…

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have announced that Anno Online, the city-building browser game, has added additional Monuments to its Tech Tree.  Following the introduction of the Library and the Botanical Garden, these new Monuments are sure to expedite development via their helpful statistical boosts. So ready those tools as you add the Ampitheater, Imperial Cathedral and Castle to your ever expanding world.

The Amphitheater becomes available after players unlock the Library and obtain the necessary knowledge points to build it. You may also equip a loge to increase the number of inhabitants per building and add an arch to expand the influence area around the Monument. The Ampitheater is also required should you wish to unlock both the Imperial Cathedral and the Castle. Both Monuments increase the population capacity in each building. The Cathedral’s population bonus increases with the addition of a crossing tower and its influence spreads with the addition of a bell, whilst he Castle’s population bonus grows when players add a cistern and its influence crows with the additional of a toscin.

In addition to these new Monuments, there has also been a slight reworking of some already established features. Public buildings are now called “attractions” and, the more attractions that influence a building, the more people will move in a residence. Affecting all residence levels equally, each attraction type grants a different amount of additional inhabitants per building. These changes are also supported by new and improved graphics, giving players more opportunities to personalize their island.

If you don’t already have an Anno account, head on over to the official site and register. Also don’t forget to check out the trailer below and watch Markus (the Producer of Anno Online) explain these monumental additions.