Johnny Reboot comes to KickStarter!

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Johnny Reboot comes to KickStarter!

Edmonton, Canada – March 21: Today Virtual Plague Studios are pleased to announce the start of their Kickstarter for Johnny Reboot, a Metroidvanian inspired brawler that aims to tell the story of one man’s battle with a psychological disorder.

Johnny Reboot and the Legendary Upgrade is an original idea inspired by the personal experiences of the games’ Creative Director. Featuring a character that lives within the internet – A comedian with an ego who has a soft interior, while having a rough exterior.

“The story of Johnny Reboot is very personal to me, because it is based on a time in my life where I suffered from agoraphobia,” said Martyn Tranter Creative Director  “As a studio, we’re aiming to use the game as a way to show everyone that has agoraphobia, and other psychological disorders, that anything is possible in life, you just got to keep going forward. So not only will backers have a fabulous game but they’re also helping raise public awareness of such mental conditions.”


  • Large Cyber Fantasy World
  • A narrative covering Agoraphobia
  • Paths open based on discovered abilities
  • Brawler combat with a mix of short to long range weapons
  • Weapon augments change game play to suit your style or needs
  • A custom dark ambient sound track coupled with high energy combat tracks by Evan Collingwood of Psykkle

For more information visit the KickStarter page:

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