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Golden Time Episode 20 Impressions


Golden Time
Episode 20 – His Chasm

Watching Golden Time is like trying to catch an agitated puppy. It sprints off, leaving you dumbfounded and then as soon as it has calmed down and you have caught up, it bolts off again and the cycle continues. What was I thinking, saying that things had settled down last episode? An ending that I thought might just tie up a few loose ends has suddenly been turned on its head as disaster struck once more. Banri is beginning to lose himself! His greatest fear has been realised and midway through episode 20 it was as if an invisible hand stole his identity and replaced it a reset version of himself with no clue where he was or why he was dancing in a festival. Truly, the drama is beginning to reach its peak and the pieces are being set up for something really special in the coming episodes. But let’s take a look at how it all came to be.


Continuing last episode’s foray into the love life of Mitsuo and Linda, this episode took some time to illustrate Mitsuo’s failed attempts at talking to Linda despite Banri’s heart-to-heart with her last episode. This time though, it wasn’t Linda that was avoiding him, but one of the older members of the festival club was going out of his way to make sure that he couldn’t talk to her at any cost. A love rival maybe? Well, most likely not, because by anime logic, he is not a main character so Mitsuo will beat him in the end, but for now he will have to put up with being shafted. At this point, there really isn’t a lot of time left for Mitsuo and Linda to have a well resolved ending, especially with what is to come for Banri, but I hope the last light novel takes a few seconds to round up that relationship for the readers and JC Staff replicate that care and attention in the anime.


But, I digress, the moment that had us all swallowing our tongues was when the festival club took to the streets and Banri completely lost himself. Terrified, he burst out of the procession and ran away with Linda and Kouko in hot pursuit. Luckily, Linda found him cowering in the corner of a nearby car park, trembling like a leaf, and managed to talk him back down from the clouds, restoring him to the Banri we have come to know, but what happened? Things looked ominous at the beginning of the episode when his doctor prescribed him pills to deal with the hallucinations he had on the bridge, but it didn’t seem like the doctor actually had a clue what to do. However, no one could have ever imagined things taking such a sudden and drastic turn for the worse. And this all comes just as Banri was trying to find the perfect moment to give her his mother’s ring. Literally minutes after an utterly hilarious scene involving the return of the tea club members from one of the very first episodes! How will he salvage this? Or a more appropriate question might be, can he salvage it? If he isn’t in control of himself then how can he possibly promise Kouko anything? Last week he was wondering what it would mean to be married to Kouko, but with no way to tell if he will even wake up tomorrow as the same person, how could he possibly promise her a future? What happened to my cosy love story?! Give it back!


There are no guarantees anymore. Nothing set in stone. Nothing to fall back on. The end of Golden Time is nigh and there is no telling what will happen. Nothing that is, but drama, drama, and more drama. Grab the Kleenex boys and girls, these next few episodes are going to be one hell of a ride. Until then.

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