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Episode 5 – What?! Your Little Sister Makes Your Lunches?!

With a backlog that grows larger by the day it seems like it will be impossible to catch up this season but no time like the present to try and make some headway. So after the events of episode four of D-Frag! we what lengths the Provisional Game Creation Club members are willing to go to protect their fellow club member and we have even learned that Roka is the true underground boss of the school that is feared by the entire student body as she manages to make even the fiercest group of delinquents cower in fear.

Well now that Kazama has managed to escape from the Band of 14 Devils he is now back with the club and while he wants to show his thanks for being rescued, he isn’t exactly excited to play a new board game that Roka has come up with that involves collecting porn mags from across the galaxy to try and win the game. As such even though he is a club member and Takao is simply hanging out with the group since it seems she has nothing better to do, he does his best to bring her into the game since it is only playable up to four people.

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Much to his dismay, after promising Takao a major favor, Roka is pleased to inform Kazama that the game has evolved to allow five people to play and with only one human character and one ridiculously embarrassing alien left to play as, Takao and Kazama begin to fight for the last human that just so happens to be a play on Gandhi.

This leads to another minor power struggle between Kazama, Takao, and Roka as we see that not only is Roka a bit jealous about Takao but really wants to make Kazama happy at the same time. Also it makes things more obvious than ever that Takao has a crush on Kazama as she begins to grill him on his likes and past trying to find out more about him using the ridiculous rules of Roka’s Rock, Paper, Scissors game.

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While this first half of the episode is full of cute gags relying on the chemistry between Kazama, Takao, and Roka, the second half takes a bit of a look into Kazama’s past while not only introducing a new female character but an awesome teacher that happens to be called “Shaun Konekone” and happens to look and sound very similar to a certain famous Scottish actor. You see, this teacher played quite a role in making Kazama the man he is today in a rather interesting fashion.

Of course, revealing this information, plus everyone finding out that Kazama’s little sister packs him a lunch for school quickly begins to make Kazama’s recently heightened delinquent status begin to falter once more, though this seems for the best since his soft side appears to be attracting a new girl in the form of Funabori.

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This episode helped bring back the status quo of D-Frag! which sees the group mostly messing around in the clubroom and bringing viewers the same type of outlandish humor that the series has featured so far, a special note this time goes to food that had fallen on the floor only for all of the class to embarrassingly say where they’ve been walking around all day just to make Kazama’s situation worse. Kazama seems to be the only “straight man” left now as even Takao has begun to act odd around him. Funabori is a nice new addition though her devotion to the classroom is a bit strange as well, but I can see her becoming a popular fan favorite if she receives more screen time, but for now Takao continues to be the best of the ever growing cast of characters.

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Currently D-Frag! is available for streaming in the United States by FUNimation. As for the rest of our winter impressions, you can check out our Anime Impressions page.

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