Transformers Universe Gets First Trailer

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Recruitment is a lot more forceful on what’s left of Cybertron…

It would seem that Transformers Universe is almost ready to roll out and pit players against each other in an MMO brawl between two sides who having been warring longer than anyone cares to remember.

Being a war, it’d probably be best to choose a side. Will you fight for the Autobots, who seek peace and freedom for all sentient beings? Or the Decepticons who wish to rule life with an iron fist? Well whatever you choose, you can recruit and command a number of robotic faces, both new and old in your search for victory.

For more information about the new Transformers Universe set to unfurl, visit the official site. Also, don’t forget to check out the trailer below and witness the majesty that is tons of metal slamming into each other with extreme prejudice. The war continues…

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