Ready To Run coming exclusively to PlayStation 4


Yielding from Eastern Europe, independent game developer Beatshapers Ltd has announced that their upcoming title – Ready to Run – will be available as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Remember playing with your R.C. cars and track sets? Well, Beatshapers is trying to bring out the retro feel while imbuing a futuristic mojo into this ‘furious’ title. Let’s see what unique selling points it has to offer:

  • Highly responsive arcade R.C. cars physics
  • 15+ futuristic looking radio-control cars with various designs available to play
  • Single city environment featuring endless tracks configurations for different race modes.
  • Real-time and asynchronous multiplayer modes.
  • Various scoreboards with filters, with an emphasize of PSN friends.

Stay tuned for more Ready To Run news and take a peek at their teaser video below!

Joshua Moris
Joshua Moris
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