Noragami Set to Feature an Anime Original Character

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So is his eyesight bad or stronger than ever?

The official site for the anime adaptation of Noragami, has revealed that a character not present in the manga will join the cast. Designed by Adachitoka himself (the creator of the manga), the character will be known as Rabo and is set to be voiced by Takahiro Sakurai (Ace of Diamond’s Miyuki, Log Horizon’s Crusty). Set to appear in the second half of the series, this god of misfortune shares a mysterious past with everybody’s favourite jersey clad wanderer Yato.

So how will this mysterious new god affect the world of Noragami? How is he connected to Yato? What’s with the overly literal interpretation of eyepatch? I’m sure all these questions will be answered at some point. In the meantime, make sure you keep up to date with the story of Yato, it’ll leave quite the anime impression on you. Your wish… has been heard loud and clear!

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