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Golden Time
Episode 13 – Summer Has Come

“Prepare yourself…”

The ghost of Banri has been angered and his wrath shall be felt! All lingering sympathy that you may have had for Banri’s old self went straight out of the window this episode as he declared that he would have his revenge on his current self for abandoning Linda and rejecting his existence last episode. While that would be an empty threat coming from most spectral beings, it appears that the ghost of Banri is no normal ghost. In fact, he seems have the ability to control the weather, interfere with people’s lives, and just generally be a demi-god! Truly he came back stronger than we could ever imagine, determined to ruin Banri’s life one curse at a time.


While that may have made it sound like this episode was all doom and gloom it was actually quite the opposite. Aside from the one line where Banri’s ghost announced his revenge, this episode was a filler episode that focused mainly on festivals and Banri and Kouko’s newly committed relationship – a welcome break from all of the stress that has been building up over the last few episodes. It has been a really long time since we’ve had a chance to sit back and appreciate how cute they are together and now that the summer vacation has begun we should have ample opportunity for that.


Kicking off the summer with a bang, the Japanese Festival Culture Research Society had their first real chance to actually participate in a festival and Banri and Kouko were on the edge of their seats – Banri eager to get stuck in, and Kouko desperate to get out of there! Yes, Robogirl was back and as graceful as ever, flopping to the ground like an extremely well dressed sack of potatoes. Although, a sack of potatoes could probably apply make-up better… And there wouldn’t be a need to take up half of the episode with dialogue that didn’t really progress anything and wasn’t overly funny either. Kouko losing her cool is cute, but after 10 minutes, even I start to find her a bit annoying. Aside from a few funny one-liners and how surreal the chanting part at the end was, the first half of the episode fell flat rather quickly and I found myself actively waiting for it to end.


Thankfully, to the relief of everyone watching, what was to follow was a second half packed with all the Kouko x Banri that you could handle. More so than any other in the series, this episode made sure to put Kouko in as many embarrassing situations as possible and some of them were utterly priceless. It was funny to see how bashful the ever-stylish Kouko can be when she is out of her comfort zone, especially when she is trying so hard to impress Banri with her limited life skills. Nevertheless, she made a huge display of cooking for Banri, blindfolding him and tying him up to stop him watching her as she ‘cooked’ her premade yakisoba. Looking on as his blindfold slipped down, Banri’s reaction was perfect, simply sitting there silently until she turned around and saw her plan exposed. It got even better when she tried to play it off as a joke, claiming it was the spice of love. Easily one of the funniest moments of the series so far, that made the first half worth sitting through.


As far as episodes of Golden Time go, this was far from notable, but it was a decent filler episode that served to soften the impact of the ominous message left by the ghost of Banri. Now that he has thrown off the shackles of restraint, there is no telling what he will do to his present self. He has already taken him over for a short period of time and at this tentative point in Banri’s relationship with Kouko, even a lapse of a few seconds could spell disaster. For now, there is no knowing what revenge he will exact for trying to forget his beloved Linda, but I’m sure it is only a matter of time until the hammer falls. Stay tuned.


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