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World War II shooter Enemy Front is an exciting upcoming title that is in development by CI Games. At the NAMCO BANDAI New Years Kick-Off event in San Francisco, I was able to test the waters and see what players could look forward to in terms of this new and unique FPS.


One of the main selling points for Enemy Front is that it features plenty of different ways for a player to progress through its stages. Players are given the choice in how to achieve their objectives. Whether you want to take a stealthy approach, slowly withering away the opposition, or if you want to go head-on and take out the enemies like Rambo, the game allows all of these methods to be viable. I ran around during my first try testing the game with a sub-machine gun in my hand and I figured the game couldn’t be that bad, so I charged into the enemy’s base without scouting their goons or looking for safe spots. Instantly, I was spotted, which is gauged by a bar on your mini-map that shows whether someone has detected you or not. On my mini-map, I noticed over 8 enemy NPCs converging on my position. “Easy” I thought, as I parked myself in a house and set up camp through a corridor. The enemy AI easily forced me out of my position, some moving behind another door and the rest funneling into the main entrance. I was able to take out a few, but soon I was overrun and I was taken out.


It’s easy to see that Enemy Front is nothing like our crop of FPS games that have been released more recently, like Call Of Duty: Ghosts or even Battlefield 4. Enemy Front boasts a lot of different features that will differentiate it from the more popular names in its genre. Another huge selling point for the game is that it will focus on the lesser-known resistance battles of World War II. One of the main missions I was able to take a look at was a defense mission. It was located at a field hospital in Warsaw, 5 years after Poland was invaded. The situation during that time was difficult. Conditions were bad, resources were very limited, and these influences ties in with how the mission plays out. CI Games modern interpretation of World War II provides a lot of re-playability in a setting that’s been used a lot of times over the years.


The games graphics were very impressive. On another level, I was hiding out behind some bushes, waiting for the guards to pass by me. I looked around and checked out the environment and you can tell a lot of detail was put into making sure everything looked and felt real. While lots of games can boast that sort of graphics, Enemy Front really ties it all together with the whole general atmosphere within the game.


The game was originally planned to be released during the Spring of 2014, but now it’s been pushed back even further to the summer of 2014 according to their official siteEnemy Front will be available on the PC, the PS3, and the Xbox 360.

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