Square Enix Launches Collective Platform

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Square Enix has partnered with IndieGoGo to help game developers run more successful crowdfunding campaigns. Game developers can post their projects on Collective and gain valuable feedback from the community. If within 28 days the project can get enough positive feedback, Square Enix and IndieGoGo will put the project under the microscope to make sure the team can complete the game. If the team can pass the inspection, the game will go up on IndieGoGo and may possibly be picked up by Square Enix. “There are lots of really talented small teams around the world with great game ideas. For those teams, getting visibility, momentum, funding and distribution can be very tricky and that’s where we hope Collective can help,” said Phil Elliott, project lead on Collective.


Collective will help indie game developers have a better chance at gaining much needed funding while providing crowdfunding backers a chance to support a project with confidence. Succesful developers will get a chance to work with some older Eidos IP including Gex, Fear Effect, and Anachronox. Collective is kicking things off with Game of Glens by Ruffian Games, Moon Hunters from Kitfox Games, and World War Machine from Toque Games. Start providing feedback on games at Collective.

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