“Numbercruncher” Collection Out Now

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Titan Comics are extremely excited to announce that they have finally released the full collection of the Si Spurrier/P.J. Holden short comic series; “Numbercruncher“. The comic book series was released sometime late last year as four issues but now, thanks to Titan Comics once again, the entire comic book series has been compiled into one complete collection that tells the entire story from the strange beginning to the odd yet somewhat happy ending. You can take a look at our review for the series by clicking here but we’ve also got the official Titan Comics synopsis for you below:

Heaven: The ultimate bureaucracy. At its head, not a white-haired anthropomorphic deity with a harp and a throne but a wizened,weaselling old man with bad breath and bad attitude. At his right hand, Bastard Zane, a surly civil servant with a big gun whose job it is to stop those who think they can buck karma. And then there’s Richard Thyme: genius mathematician and a man who will do whatever it takes to defy Fate and return to his one true love – even if he is dead. Cue a critically-acclaimed and twisted tale of reincarnation, resurrection and Karmic Accountancy!


To add to the wonderful occasion there are also plans for Si Spurrier to appear at the “Forbidden Planet” in London, UK for a huge signing event so if you’re a native and want to head over to get yourself a great gift I suggest you head over to the Forbidden Planet website which you can get to by clicking here. Once again, the “Numbercruncher” collection is now available for those living in a timeline where it is the 14th of January 2014 which is great for us living over here in Australia but for those living in North America, well, you’ll just have to wait another day.

It will be sold in America for US$19.99, in Canada for $22.95 and in the UK for £14.99. The comic book collection will be available in all good comic book retailers but it can also be purchased online by heading to the Titan Comics website (click here) and it can also be read on your digital devices by heading to the Comixology website (click here) so you have no reason NOT to get it! For those of you still unsure as to whether or not you want to make such a purchase, we’ve got a trailer for the comic that you can watch and a few nice preview images for you to look at just below, head down there now and enjoy!

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