Minecraft Showcases Marvel Skin Pack in New Trailer

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Anyone bring a pickaxe?

That’s right True Believers, deciding to add a little extra flare to their immensely popular title, 4J Studios has opted to create yet another skin pack to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. This time around, it’s Marvel’s time to shine.

With the advent of the new line of films, certain Marvel characters, such as a certain mischievous god, have seen a tremendous rise in popularity. Drawing on this, the new skin pack includes some of the more currently well known heroes of Marvel, along with a few others…no offence SHIELD Agent Maria Hill.

The Marvel Skin Pack is available now for the super price of $2.99. Totalling 35 characters, you’re bound to find something in the list that piques your interest and adds a little excitement to your Minecraft world.If you don’t believe me, just check out the dramatic trailer below. Revel in the bass and enjoy the dramatic Vision of two worlds colliding. Avengers (and more) Assemble!

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