Howrse Soon to Feature Olympic Equine Medalist Zara Phillips

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Are you one of the 50 million registered users of the leading horse online game Howrse? If you’re a big fan of horses and haven’t or you’ve been absent for a while, now might be the time to check it out again as Ubisoft and Owlient have announced that Howrse has gained not only an endorsement by Olympic Medalist Zara Phillips, but will be including her to guide players through the tutorial and beginning of the game for UK players.

Now horse enthusiasts that don’t have an animal of their own can join Howrse and learn from Zara how to handle and train their online horses and ponies, as well as breeding, care, and stable management. Howrse has certainly come a long way from where it was at when Ubisoft purchased its developer Owlient back in 2011, and now it is going even farther by bringing in one of the lead personalities known to the United Kingdom’s equine fans. Those wanting to see what it has to offer can check the Howrse website.

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