Deception IV: Blood Ties English Teaser Trailer and Screenshots Released

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We now know, Deception IV: Blood Ties will be released on the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita in North America on March 25th and in Europe on March 28th, with the PS3 version allowing players to upload videos of their highest scoring trap layouts to the internet and challenge others to beat their scores and the Vita version allowing the touch screen trap layout and activation. Now Tecmo Koei has released some debut English screenshots and a teaser trailer which highlights some of the aspects of the game and can be found below.

Players will be controlling Laegrinna, a woman called the Devil’s daughter, who must use traps ranging from banana peels and flying cakes to iron maidens and swinging axes to eliminate enemies and will be assisted by three Daemons who will help her sacrifice these enemies and upgrade their traps, with each Daemon delighting in a certain type of death, be it sadistic, elaborate, or humiliating. Examples of how these traps will work can be found in the aforementioned screenshots and trailer below.

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