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Death Sentence Issue 4 Preview

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This one goes out to all you Death Sentence fans out there! Titan Comics are excited to announce that the fourth issue of the extremely popular comic, Death Sentence, is set for a release on the 8th of this month, which for us over here in Australia is only a day away!

Yes! The story within the comic is intensifying slowly but surely and I have it on good authority that this particular issue is a real nail-biter. The is gearing up to combat the impending threat of conquer by one of the main characters, Monty. As for the other two…well they’ve finally met and, let’s just say, both sparks and bottles of booze fly!

Death Sentence Issue 4 goes on sale on the 8th of January 2014 for $3.99 and will be available at all good comic book retailers. Luckily for all of you reading this, Titan Comics have gifted us with a few preview pages that everybody interested can enjoy so head down below to check them out.