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Corpse Party: Blood Drive character models previewed


Today during a Corpse Party event in Japan, 5pb, the publishers of the Corpse Party in Japan, had a few things to share about the next game in the series for fans. As we already know, Corpse Party: Blood Drive will be picking up from Corpse Party: Book of Shadows’ canonical ending and it will follow Ayumi Shinozaki as the main protagonist.

Considering this is the first Corpse Party title to be released on the Vita, the main reveal came in the form of the character models that will be used in the next game. As you can see below we have a number of surviving characters returning such as Ayumi Shinozaki, Naomi Nakashima, Satsuki Mizuhara, and Aiko Niwa. The interesting inclusion here is Seiko Shinohara and what it may mean for the story of Blood Drive when it is released in Japan sometime in spring.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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