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‘Atomic Poison Ivy’ Roots Her Way Into Infinite Crisis


We’ve seen Wonder Woman rendered in steel, The Green Lantern coated in emerald armour, and now, bursting forth from the elements that form her very existence, prospective players of Infinite Crisis have a new champion to fear. ‘Atomic Poison Ivy’ is the latest in a constantly-expanding roster of champions announced for the upcoming DC Multiverse MOBA, Infinite Crisis, and she definitely does not look like someone you’d want to meet while taking a stroll through the woods.

Her character skills are as follows:

Toxic Growth –  If Atomic Poison Ivy avoids damage for 10 seconds she gains a shield that blocks damage. Basic attacks against her, while the shield is active, will apply the Toxic Growth effect to the attacking enemy. All of the Atomic Poison Ivy’s damage-dealing skills are enhanced by Toxic Growth and also apply the effect
Poisoned Earth – Atomic Poison Ivy deals Power Damage to all nearby enemies and applies Toxic Growth. If the target has Toxic Growth it’s consumed and Poisoned Earth deals an additional 100% Power Damage.
Bramble Rapture – Atomic Poison Ivy roots her enemy, dealing Power Damage and applying Toxic Growth. If used on a champion with Toxic Growth, Bramble Rapture is consumed to refresh her shield and increase the Move Speed by 30%.
Wall of Thorns – After a short delay, Atomic Poison Ivy summons a Wall of Thorns. Enemies who touch the wall suffer reduced Move Speed (that decays) and take Power Damage for a short period of time. If the target has Toxic Growth it’s consumed and they’re silenced for 1 second.
Secrets of the Forest – Atomic Poison Ivy shrouds an area around her in fog, granting stealth to nearby allies. She and her allies also gain additional Power Armour for the duration of the skill. Secrets of the Forest applies Toxic Growth once-per-second to all enemies inside the fog.


Dubbed as an ‘Enforcer’ role – at this stage Atomic Poison Ivy seems to have an incredible amount of utility as a ganker and initiator. Whether she is trapping you in a wall of vines, cloaking her teammates so that they can pounce at you from the shadows, or tripping your friends with razor-sharp brambles, you can be sure she’ll be keeping you constantly gagging on poison at the same time. Check out the video below to see Atomic Poison Ivy wreaking havoc on unsuspecting foes and to learn some protips for this awesome new hero.


Infinite Crisis is currently being developed by Turbine Inc, the developers of D&D Online and Lord of the Rings Online. It will be published by Warner Bros at an undisclosed date on the PC platform.