ToyAgumon Bounces Into Digimon Masters


Merry Christmas from all your Digipals

Online developer Joymax is set to deliver a new, cute Digimon to all Tamers in their worldwide MMO sensation: Digimon Masters. With two new Digimon arriving in the next month, it’s the season of celebration again in the Digital World, and there’s plenty of prizes for all the good boys, girls, and Digimon!

Some Digimon, made of code, are digitized in a different way: as colorful, plastic blocks!  ToyAgumon was created by an innocent child’s mind with bright blocks; unlike regular Agumon who tend to be stubborn, the ToyAgumon is startled easily and falls apart into bricks when frightened. Despite its timidity, it deeply values justice and challenges evil wherever it can. Its innocent origins means it can communicate with children easily, but don’t take its Toy Flame as anything innocent – it’s decidedly dangerous!


It’s a Christmas miracle!

From now until the end of January, players who purchase and hatch a ToyAgumon will also receive a special New Year Coin. These coins can be collecting in a variety of ways over the next three weeks and are used to purchase a variety of items, including: Tyrant Crown, Holy Spear, Gungnir, Z’d-Hou, Duo Solar Spear, or the limited edition Christmas Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg!

Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg are also available from the cash shop starting December 24th, otherwise known as Christmas Eve. Within these special DigiEggs exist one of twenty six rare Digimon, including but not limited to, DemiDevimon, Arcadimon and Veemon (each at Level 4 or 5).

For more information, visit the official site and Facebook page. Enjoy the festive season and may many presents come your Digi-way. Happy Holidays Tamers!

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