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Digimon Masters Celebrates Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Joymax is sending out a thank you to all the Tamers in their worldwide MMORPGDigimon Masters.  With a plethora of Thanksgiving-themed events including delicious meals with all the trimmings, it’s the perfect time to dive into the Digital World for goodies: including new tamer bonuses, log in rewards, and even virtual pumpkin pie!

If you haven’t tried Digimon Masters yet, new Tamers will receive eight cash shop items to get them started on their adventure.  This package of items includes the most popular cash shop boosters, and includes a 100% EXP Booster, 7 Inventory Expansions, a Digimon Archive expansion, 7 Storage Expansions, and more.  This is a limited time offer so be sure to sign up before this new Tamer deal disappears in December.

MudFrigimon has arrived just in time to cook up a fantastic feast!  Purchase Thanksgiving Dinner themed items from this NPC and receive a variety of boosts:  Potatoes, Corn and Turkey increase a Tamer’s defense, while Cranberry Sauce, Eggnog, and delicious Pumpkin Pie will increase the player’s skill damage.  These delicious treats will only be available for the next three weeks, so grab them before MudFrigimon departs for another year!

Compliments to the chef

The longer you’re logged in to Digimon Masters, the more prizes you get during the holidays. Staying logged in for a consecutive period will net you prizes: a Thanksgiving coin for 15 minutes, a Hot Pepper for 30 minutes, and a Capsule coin for 60 minutes. Hot Peppers give players a 200% bonus to their Tamer EXP for 30 minutes, while Capsule coins can be used in the exciting Capsule Machine for a wide variety of cash shop prizes. More rewards will come for longer period you stay, such as more Capsule Coins, Evoluter pieces (5 pieces =1 Evoluter), Random data boxes and Digi Aura. So hang around for a while.

Save up your Thanksgiving coins and trade them in for even more prizes. Rare ones. 10 coins will net you a 60% EXP booster for a whole week, whilst 25 coins grants you a choice of a single Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg: Agumon, Patamon, Biyomon, Tentomon, Gomamon, or Palmon: the original six. Players will be able to gather a maximum of 28 coins, so be sure to log in daily to save up enough for this rare deal.

For more information on this Thanksgiving extravaganza, visit the official site and Facebook page. Give thanks and be merry, it’s a Digimon holiday!