Titanfall: Changing the way we Play FPS Games

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If you ask any Xbox One owner what their most highly anticipated upcoming game is, you will probably get the same answer; Titanfall. Ever since EA announced the game at E3 this year, Titanfall has been stealing spotlights and bashing down the competition with its giant robotic fists – and so it should, the game looks amazing!

I have never been the biggest fan of FPS games, but it is impressive to see how far they have come since the days of Doom, Duke Nukem 3d and Goldeneye 64. They have become truly competitive and despite the differences between the major franchises, the skills and mechanics have been so consistent and well-refined, allowing you to jump from Call of Duty to Battlefield and have a fairly good understanding of what you are doing. Titanfall takes these core, refined and competitive mechanics and applies them while simultaneously turning the genre on its head.

The simplest, yet most game changing mechanic that is introduced in Titanfall is the double jumping and wall running. The way these are implemented really shakes up the entire combat experience. Double-jumping lets you reach areas quicker and easier, while wall running lets you maneuver yourself around the map in ways that would be impossible otherwise. Not only that, but the longer you wall run, the faster you go which means you can run across the entire map in a few seconds flat, to either join the fray or get out of the line of fire.


Wall running is one thing, but it is really the Titans that change up the way the game truly plays. During battle you can call down the namesake Titans, hop in and go to town. Titans have different skills depending on their class, and you can load them out with different weapons and secondary skills. You may find yourself as a long-range sniper while on foot, but you can change your play style entirely by creating a close-range, melee based Titan to stop your enemies into oblivion. This kind of mid-battle shake up offers a lot more versatility than we see in other FPS games, and makes the Titans more of a strategical choice, rather than just being “giant robots.”

It is easy to see why the whole world is excited for Titanfall and how that anticipation keeps growing with every newly released snippet of information. Titanfall looks to change the way we view the FPS genre in this new generation, and I for one couldn’t be more excited. The past weekend’s announcement of the Ogre-Type Titan already has me thinking of loadout and play style choices for a game who’s genre I have never been particularly interested in, and that is still months away from release.

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