The Wolf Among Us Hitting iOS with Exploring the World of Fables Video

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The Wolf Among Us has had some great critical praise from plenty of people, so those that have missed out on it so far should really consider checking it out. If for some reason you don’t have a Xbox 360, PS3, or PC to play it on, Telltale Games and Warner Bros. have covered even more bases by releasing it today onto iOS.

Not sure you know enough about the world of Fables to be able to get into the game? Well, they’ve got you covered in that respect as well, as today they also released a new video exploring the world of the Fables comics and game. It does a good job giving the low down on the world itself and the main character Bigby Wolf, also known as the Big Bad Wolf.

Those wanting to get the lowdown on all that information can find it in the video embedded below. Anyone wanting to know more about the game itself can check out our own Review of Episode 1. The Wolf Among Us is set to release later today onto the iOS App Store.

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