Space Dandy – Second Anime Teaser Released

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He's a Dandy guy in space!

He’s a Dandy guy in space!

Can you believe 2014 is only a month away and with that comes a brand new selection of incredible Anime one of which just so happens to be Space Dandy? The answer is: “Of course I can believe it!” and today Toonami is helping you believe even more by releasing a brand-new teaser trailer for the upcoming Shinichiro Watanabe series Space Dandy. The action, sci-fi, comedy which was recently licensed by Madman, is fast approaching and the entire Anime community is excited for it to crash land here on Earth!

As I just mentioned; Adult Swim’s Toonami has only just begun streaming the new teaser trailer and the Anime is looking great! We’re seeing more aliens, more characters and more Dandy alongside the comedy and action of it all. You can see the Second Space Dandy Teaser Trailer below in our featured video section but don’t take off just yet because along with the trailers release comes some new information about character that will be appearing in the show:

- Dr. Geru and Bee -

– Dr. Geru and Bee –

Dr. Geru is a gorilla-like humanoid being who is said to be a great scientist and is to be voiced by Unshou Ishizuka. Although it is yet to be fully explained to the audience so far, Dr. Geru is in pursuit of Dandy while he’s on his adventures through space. The cucumber-like man is Dr. Geru’s trusted assistant, Bee, who is to be voiced by Kosuke Hatakeyama. Bee is a humanoid creature from the planet Pylori and, despite his appearance, he is a creature extremely similar to that of a human and not at all an ingredient in a garden salad. I think it’s safe to say that these two men will be seen a great deal throughout the series, at least, I hope we’ll be seeing them a lot.

- Scarlett and Honey -

– Scarlett and Honey –

The two lovely ladies above are Inspector Scarlett and the beautiful waitress Honey. Scarlett, who is to be voiced by Houko Kuwashima, is an inspector at the “Space Alien Registration Center” the place Dandy and all alien hunters to go register brand-new species of aliens that have just been discovered. The blonde bombshell to the right of her is Honey. Honey is a waitress at Dandy’s favourite establishment “Boobies” which is not to be mistaken with the real-life restaurant “Hooters”. Much like Dr. Geru and Bee, we can all assume that Dandy and his small crew will be coming into contact with these two beauties a fair amount.

Now head down to the Featured Video Section so that you can finally watch the new Space Dandy Teaser Trailer and don’t forget to head below that to the comments section, we want to know what you’re thinking about this new series and you can show us your excitement (or lack thereof) right down there. See you, space…dandy.

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