One Piece Unlimited World Red – Kizaru/Aokiji/Akainu Boss Battle Videos Released

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- Kizaru, Akainu and Aokiji -

– Kizaru, Akainu and Aokiji –

Namco Bandai Games have been doing so much good lately, not only with their fantastic game releases but with the constant flow of gameplay videos from those releases. The Anime and gaming community have been seeing so much from the latest One Piece game; Unlimited World Red and , despite the fact that Japan already has the game, the people over at Namco Bandai continue to stream videos for those of us who are yet to get our hands on such a powerful title.¬†This week marks the release of three more boss battle videos and this time we have an even stronger theme; Marine Admirals. Kizaru, Aokiji and Akainu all star in their very own videos and, let me tell you, they’re looking just as good as ever. Enough out of me though, below you can see all three videos and under that is our comments section where you can go to let your voice be heard!




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