Kakei no Alice Manga Set to Launch in January

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Family reunions can be murder

Manga creator Kaori Yuki’s newest project, entitled Kakei no Alice, is set to launch in the March issue of Kodansha‘s ARIA magazine. That being said, the issue itself will actually be released by the manga provider on January 28th, so not too long of a wait.

The manga focuses on a high school girl named Stella, who was born into the wealthy Kuonji family. Each month, the family holds a little event known as the Tea Party. However, this time, things play out a little differently. Everything changes when somebody reveals the true purpose behind the gathering of the Kuonji siblings: “Starting now, everyone will kill each other. The person left alive will become the head of the family.”

Stay tuned as more information on this series, and its interesting take on family reunions, is revealed. Stella’s killing game begins.

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