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Corpse Party Hysteric Birthday and Exxiv are not on XSEED’s radar

corpse-party-hysteric-birthday-2UThose who are familiar with the Corpse Party franchise probably know that the developers took a bit of a break from creating horror games and took a swing at a romantic comedy title based off the events from the original Corpse Party title. This game was called Sachiko’s Game of Love – Hysteric Birthday 2U and it looks like it won’t be making its way to North America and neither will Unchained Blades Exxiv, the next game in the Unchained Blades series originally brought to the West by XSEED.

This news comes from the company’s Facebook where fans asked about both titles with Hysteric Birthday 2U receiving this response “No hope, at least in terms of not by us.” and the Exxiv request being answered by: “Afraid we have no plans to pursue Exxiv.”

This move may disappoint a few fans, but the Corpse Party decision is probably a smart one as the title is more of an option spin-off and is far different from what Corpse Party fans would be expecting and considering a brand new title is being made for the Vita, it might best to wait until that one.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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