Club Nintendo December Rewards bring the Wii U into the Mix

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You heard that right! After over a year of seeing the Wii and 3DS get all of glory, Nintendo have finally put up some rewards for Wii U owners for the month of December. This new line of digital features Super Mario Bros. 2 and Balloon Fight for the Wii U’s Virtual Console, while also offering up Mario’s Picross and Starship Defense from the 3DS’ eShop catalog.

Sure, we have seen some of these before for the handheld, but the Wii U is brand new to this, and let us hope things only get sweeter from here. On that high note, I must ask just where all of the physical merchandise is going, as items are now going out of stock left and right. Maybe there is more Club Nintendo users than ever, or Nintendo is just going the full digital route for prizes at a slow pace. For now, check out the prices below and get to redeeming if you must!

Super Mario Bros. 2 : 150 Coins
Balloon Fight: 200 Coins
Starship Defense: 150 Coins
Mario’s Picross: 100 Coins

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