Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf – Blood on the Snow Available Soon

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He stands alone

Forge Reply, in partnership with Atlantyca Lab and BulkyPix have announced that their newest title Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf – Blood on The Snow on iOS and Android. As the name suggests, the story of the game is written by Joe Dever himself, the multi-awarded author of the famous Lone Wolf saga and is the first in a four episode series.

The story begins when you arrive in the Rockstarn village and see it invaded by Giaks monsters. The inhabitants seem to be hidden or dead. What happened? Where are they? Will you be able to rescue them? Gear up and show to the world what the deadly Kai warriors are made of!

Blood on the Snow will immerse players in the unique world of Magnamund. In keeping with the classic saga, they will become Lone Wolf, the only surviving member of an ancient warrior order: the Kai Lords of Sommerlund! Choose your fate, select your abilities and decide how to fight. Will you use your strength, your mind or your agility to succeed? Explore the mysterious lands of Magnamund and fight against your foes in epic turn-based combats. Use your legendary Sommerswerd to finish them with great lethal moves. Because your choices have an impact on the storyline, try to play the game again to see how your fate can be changed!


The solitary hero

The game will feature:

  • A brand new adventure written by multi-awarded Joe Dever himself
  • Read a real game-book and write your own interactive story
  • Multiple paths, for multiple stories and great replay value
  • High-end graphics and gorgeous Heroic Fantasy atmosphere
  • Active turn-based combat system in full 3D

Blood on the Snow is set for a November 14th release, so keep an eye out. Check out the screenshots below and prepare to write your destiny. Make it epic!

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