Crowman and Wolfboy Out Now

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Can you escape the Darkness?

Wither Studios LLC‘s new title Crowman and Wolfboy is available now for purchase on the App Store.

Crowman & Wolfboy are an unlikely pair of shadow creatures on a bizarre journey to escape their own nature and find the mysterious “human” creatures. Help them flee the planet of shadows and the life-devouring Darkness following their every step. Will the path to “humans” lead Crowman & Wolfboy to happiness? Will they ever escape the persistent Darkness? Could a real life crow lift a real life wolf over pits of mutant garbage cans? …What?!

The game will feature:

  • 30+ levels of challenging platforming action!
  • Unlock new and special abilities
  • Run, Jump, Fly, Climb, Smash, and more with intuitive swipe controls
  • Collect light orbs that push back the pursuing Darkness
  • Captivating soundtrack by Hildor of Dethlehem
  • Find hidden items, unlock ancient knowledge and save the babies!
  • Unique play modes with fun tilt controls!
  • Continue the adventure across new worlds in future updates!

So check out the twisted, horror filled world of Crowman and Wolfboy to enjoy a wonderful jaunt away from the oncoming tide of eternal darkness. I’m sure you’ll make it. It’s not like you will die or anything…

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