Titan Comics’ Chronos Commandos #4 & It Came! #3 On Sale Now

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Hey there comic fans! Are you ready for your latest dose of comic book awesomeness provided by Titan Comics? Well strap yourselves in, cause we have two books to tell you about today!

Firstly is Chronos Commandos #4, written and drawn by Stuart Jennet. We spoke about Chronos Commandos #3 a month ago, but if you still aren’t 100% sure what it is all about, then allow me the pleasure of telling you:

The Sarge and his team battle a vicious Nazi time squad who’ll do anything to turn the Allied heroes into fossilised raptor-chow! Plus – the rules of time travel are pushed to the limit, as Einstein crosses his own timeline in order to prevent the extinction of the universe, when a Chronosphere goes critical at the Commandos’ base!


Pretty awesome right? If you like war stories, sci-fi or dinosaurs then you don’t want to miss this one! Next up we have the third issue of the Dan Boultwood penned It Came! It Came! is a b-movie sci-fi book in the vein of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Here is the synopsis for you to check out:

After the terrifying discoveries made in our last astonishing issue, space scientist Dr. Boy Brett and his lady assistant Doris Night are now trapped inside an honest-to-goodness flying saucer, along with a robot that aims to capture them alive!

What role does this monstrous, monosyllabic automaton play in the extra-terrestrial invasion plan? And what do drooping upper lips have to do with the fate of Britain – AND THE WORLD?!

That’s two great books for comic book fans out there, so if you are hankering for something to read then head down to your local comic book shop and pick up either Chronos Commandos #4 or It Came! #3. If you still aren’t sure if either of these books are for you, then we have attached a preview gallery of each below. As always, for all the Titan Comics news as it becomes available, be sure to stay tuned to Capsule Computers.

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