Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Screenshots Come Out of Brazil Games Show

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Anyone who may doubt just how big Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers is in South America will realize their error when they hear that the new game based on the manga is front and center for the first day of the Brazil Games Show this year. Because of which a few new screenshots have been released from publisher Namco Bandai.

With more than 50 playable characters with plenty of customization and head-to-head online play, Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers is well on its way to releasing in the Americas on November 26th, 2013 on the PSN. While it will only be available digitally in North America, it will see both retail and digital release in Mexico, Latin America, and Brazil.

Those wanting to see the screenshots out of the Brazil Games Show can see them full sized by clicking on the images in the gallery below. Fans sould be sure to check out Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers when it releases next month exclusively for PS3.

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