Pokemon X and Y Reveals More about Mega Charizard

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At the last Pokemon Direct, it was revealed that some old favorites would be getting the new ability to Mega Evolve, namely Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise. But, what wasn’t revealed then was that the Mega Evolutions that were shown are not the only available Mega options. Yes, today it was announced that Charizard would have both an X and Y Mega Evolution just like Mewtwo.

Today it was stated that the previously shown Mega Evolution was in fact Mega Charizard Y (pictured above), which will be possible when using a Charizardite Y Mega Stone, but that leaves the other Mega Evolution unknown until today. The Mega Charizard X, when using a Charizardite X Mega Stone, is actually quite different from Y, featuring far different colors and more pronounced flames.

As pictured above, Mega Charizard X has a black and blue coloration, including the flames surrounding them. But, apart from this drastic color change, the type also changes in the Mega Evolution, changing from Fire- and Flying-type Pokemon to a Fire- and Dragon-type. To see more detailed shots of Charizard and its two Mega Evolutions, check out the gallery below, plus to see both forms in action before Pokemon X and Pokemon Y release October 12th for the Nintendo 3DS check out the trailer embedded below.

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