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Nyu Media Preps their Third Wave of Games

Nyu Media has just announced their upcoming line-up for Winter – Spring 2014, which features a total of 5 , so let’s waste no time and look at what’s on the way.

  • Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser – Developed by Astro Port, this 2D shooter features charge weapons, power ups, and transformation to stop the invading aliens and save the world.
  • Armed Seven – Also developer by Astro Port, a bullet hell style side-scrolling game that pits the player against 5 stages and boss fights to try and stop the Neo Loran Order. Luckily, players will have 12 weapons available and 4 difficulty levels to find their perfect challenge.
  • Gigantic Army – The third and final game this wave developed by Astro Port, this has actually been released for a while in Japan, but is finally making its way overseas with an English version. Utilize 7 different weapons and a variety of abilities to bust through the enemies to win this mecha STG.
  • Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm – Developed by PDW:HOTAPEN and fully funded thanks to IndieGogo, this 2D doujin fighting game add plenty of additions.
  • Croixleur – Developer souvenir circ. is finally getting it onto Steam, with a new story, weapons, cut scenes, and challenge mode. For more information on the original be sure to check out our Review.

Overall, five great looking games making their way onto PC via Steam and other digital distributors for Spring 2014.

Simon Wolfe
Simon Wolfe
Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming