Is Microsoft Testing a Rival to Google Glass?

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Microsoft have missed a worldwide technology trend before, so after failing to capitalise on the tablet market it comes as no surprise that the company is possibly testing out its own wearable computer to compete with the likes of Google Glass.

Component makers in Asia have been approached to supply key components for eyewear prototypes and the company  has been testing web connected eyewear according to an anyonymous source speaking to The Wall Street Journal. The source stressed that the prototypes being tested may never make it to market, but also stated that Microsoft was determined to take the lead in hardware manufacture.

Wearable computers are being touted as the next big thing in personal technology. Samsung released their Galaxy Gear smart watch in Australia this month, and wristbands like the Jawbone UP and Fitbit Force enable users to monitor their movement and sleep habits. Google’s eyewear device is certainly the most hyped new technology to come to the fore, and is also accompanied by more gaming orientated devices such as the Oculus Rift.

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