Dream Chamber Out Now For PC, Mac and iPad

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Dream Chamber, Anuman Interactive’s latest Adventure game to be published under their Microids label, is now available for the PC, Mac and iPad. Dream Chamber has the player examining their environment with their mouse or touch pad to investigate crimes. Players take the role of main character Charlie Chamber, who divides his time between being a socialite and an inexperienced detective. Charlie has a photographic memory that allows him to backtrack to previous crime scenes to discover new clues, an abilitiy that will surely help him discover the great mysteries behind the initial robbery he is tasked with investigating. Puzzles such as pick locking and putting torn documents back together are part of the challenge and help break up the adventure action.

Dream Chamber is fully dubbed in English with subtitles available in French, German, Spanish and Italian. You can download Dream Chamber for PC from the Zodiac Store; MAC from the App Store for Mac and iPad from the App Store. The game costs $10, $11 and $4.99 respectively.

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