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Attack On Titan Capsule Figures Now Available


The merchandise continues to roll in for Attack On Titan and, like I’ve said in the past, it just seems like nothing is going to break it’s stride any time soon. The latest update to the Attack On Titan merchandise release is that of a “not so colossal” kind; it’s Capsule Machine Figurines. Yes! All around Japan, capsule machines are being filled to the brim with a set of four different Attack On Titan figurines and, let’s just say, they’re not all that…pleasant.


Two of four of these tiny figures are quite gory with one of them being Eren in Titan form splattering a smaller Titan with his fist, like we saw in the series, and the other being an unfortunate man being eaten by a Titan. The other two are look great! One of them is Mikasa using her 3D Maneuver Gear to escape a Titan and the other is the appearance of the Colossal Titan and Eren striking back. They look gross, they look good and it’s all very typical of Attack On Titan.