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AquaPazza’s Oboro, Touka and Morgan introduced alongside box art

aquapazza-box-artLast week Atlus began introducing the colorful cast of characters that will be available in their upcoming anime fighting game AquaPazza. While a number of us may be familiar with these characters, others who haven’t seen Utawareruomono or Tears to Tiara probably will not recognize these characters.

That being said, the new characters introduced today are two from Utawarerumono, Oboro and Touka, and Tears to Tiara’s Morgan with no characters from ToHeart introduced this time around. Along with these new character cards the company also released the game’s box art which can be seen to the right. Clicking the box art will pull up a high-res version of the image and as for the game itself, AquaPazza is set to be released on November 19th for $29.99.


Oboro – the passionate bandit who might have anger management issues

Touka – the wandering warrior with a weakness for anything cute and fluffy

Morgan – the cheerful huntress who loves nothing more than eating and fighting

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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