REBORN Kickstarter announced and detailed for PS3 and PS4

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Today it has been revealed that acttil will be helping the video game developer Elemental-Labs with their first game project, REBORN. REBORN is going to be a real-time weapon based 3D action RPG that will be developed for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 using the Unreal Engine.

To help get REBORN off the ground, acttil is organizing a Kickstarter for REBORN which is set to go live next week, along with a gameplay trailer and developer diary. The Kickstarter will have a modest goal of $150,000 which, if reached, will result in a digital version of the game for the PS3 and PS4. Some background info about the game reveals that it has been in development for the past nine months and if everything works out well, the developer is planning on releasing the title sometime in Fall 2014.

REBORN will take place in 2188 in Neo-Tokyo where the city is shrouded with lies and corruption. There is a stark contrast between the wealthy and the poor as the President of the Nexus Roku Corporation, Rena Nakano, leads the country into darkness by creating augmentations for humans.

However all of these augmentations are embedded with chips the company is able to alter the behavioral patterns of society and to make them complacent with the terrible changes the Roku Corporation is making to the country. Rena Nakano is seeking a way to remove an ancient pearl used to seal away the Tengu Demon Sōjōbō and free it from its seal, with eternal life being her reward if she manages to complete this task.

A resistance has been established within the city to try and put an end to Rena Nakano’s machinations and prevent the revival of Sōjōbō. The group, with Musashi Miyamoto as the leader, must work through a plot “teeming with deceit, violence, love, betrayal and sacrifice against a backdrop inspired by traditional Japanese lore” to put a stop to the organization.

The game itself will feature real-time 3D combat that will take emphasis with how well players are able to time their combos, special attacks and environment use together in combat. As for the RPG elements, players will be able to find and equip a wide variety of gear that can be enhanced further with Augmentations and skills learned using the element-based ‘Wu Xing’ system. The developers have also said that they are basing the game around four distinct gameplay pillars in the form of Combat, Stealth, Augmentation and Social Perception. Additional concept art and 3D models of the game can be found below.

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