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One Piece Digital Watches Up For Pre-Order

Can Pirates steal time? Is that a thing?
Can Pirates steal time? Is that a thing?

All fans of One Piece will be way into this little nugget right here. One Piece is another of those Anime series’ that love a little cross promotion or some sweet merchandising. We’ve seen bottles, we’ve seen glasses and now we’ve been given a glimpse of some really snazzy looking One Piece watches. Tell time like a pirate would; by stealing the information from a Navy Sailor…or by looking at your One Piece watch. These digital watches show different images of One Piece characters every single hour, the images look like they’re taken straight from the Manga and because of it’s black and white display the images look really authentic. It uses a matrix EPD screen which are the types of screens you would see being used in a great deal of Electronic Dictionaries and eReaders.

Have one of the greatest Shonen Mangas on your wrist...at all times..."Yo!"
Have one of the greatest Shonen Mangas on your wrist…at all times…”Yo!”

It’s not just pictures though, the watch does actually tell the time which is, pretty much, a staple for any good watch. It features a 32-city world clock, solar-powered charging technology, radio time synchronization, an automatic calender and even a power-save mode. The watch also comes with five different watch faces so that buyers can customise the watch when they want. The watch is being sold through Imperial Enterprises’ online shop here and will also be sold through other retailers but considering none of them are in the West, we’ll just stick to Premico (the link above). The unfortunate thing is that the product is limited to 3,000 units so get in quick! The watches all go for about US$608 which is quite a price to pay for a watch, I guess if you’re a big enough fan of One Piece you’ll find a way to grab one of these guys. Turns out the same company also has watches based on other titles like Dragon Ball Z, so if you miss out on these ones maybe you’ll be able to get yourself one of them instead.