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One Piece Unlimited World Red Latest Trailer Released


Namco Bandai has begun streaming yet another trailer for the upcoming game One Piece Unlimited World Red. This trailer is the longest by far and, basically, shows extended footage of the stuff we have already seen from past videos. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good though! It shows all the characters in action, the incredible graphics and some fantastic-looking gameplay as well as a bunch of the characters you can use and/or fight within the game’s storyline. It also shows a bit more of the original characters that have been created specifically for this game, mostly Red and Pat are shown. Like the trailer that came before this one, it ends by showing us Red who is about to eat a Devil Fruit but cutting the footage off with a “To be Continued Stamp”. Head down below to check out the new video for One Piece Unlimited World Red and let us know what you think about it in our comments section just below that!