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New Real-Time Strategy Etherium Announced for 2014

The real-time strategy genre is about to get a little bit bigger as Focus Home Interactive, publishers of Bound by Flame, and Tindalos Interactive, developer of Stellar Impact, have announced a new game currently set to release in 2014. Etherium is a futuristic RTS set in a world where three empires fight for control of a planet and moons. The planet, which is the source of the precious resource etherium, and its moons will be the stage by which the three empires will wage war to try and hold it all.

The three empires each have their own set of strengths and weakness, as well as technologies and special skills. While one empire has the skill of espionage, another has precognition, and another can control the climate. This ability of climate control is noticeably important in and of itself as the climate and weather plays a big part of the game’s mechanics. A sandstorm could hide you or the enemy and rivers may be uncrossable unless frozen, all playing a big role in the game itself as one faction can control it, but another can see upcoming climate change.

But, the three empires aren’t the only factions however, as players will run into 6 secondary factions which can be fought and defeat as well, or allied with for future victory. The choice of course being entirely up to the player, as the single player campaign is non-linear, allowing players to go about it their own way. Build forces and attack to try and lead your empire to dominance. But, the single-player campaign isn’t the only options as players will be able to go head to head with up to four players online.

Etherium is set to release in June of 2014 exclusively for PC.

Simon Wolfe
Simon Wolfe
Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming