New Outrageous Dead Rising 3 Gameplay

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Now this makes me particularly happy. When Dead Rising 3 was first revealed, I seemed to be the only one reassuring everybody else around me that Capcom would not be abandoning the insanity of the prior titles, just because it has a darker visage…

Well, if the “Rollerhawg” wasn’t proof enough that Dead Rising 3 is as wacky as ever, check out the new trailer embedded at the bottom of this article. The almost 2-minute gameplay video features footage taken from demos at Gamescom 2013 last month and has just found its way online. It shows the player character, mechanic Nick Ramos, cooking the undead by breathing fire out of a bull mascot head, slicing them up with lightsabers and even throwing out a Street Fighter homage with Ryu’s classic Shoryuken! Watch it now!

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