Freefall Racers for Xbox Kinect Coming September

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Deep Silver, whose last release has hit 1 million units so far, has revealed the release date of their new upcoming game for Xbox 360 Kinect involving flying squirrels, Freefall Racers. Along with Smoking Gun Interactive and Rubicon Organization, Freefall Racers lets players glide through the air racing against other flying squirrels for family friendly fun all using the Kinect sensor to let players control dives, steering, and use bonuses.

 Freefall Racers offers 9 different characters to play as on 8 different tracks from the jungle, to the desert, to a snowy mountaintop. Players will be able to go at it cooperatively or head-to-head with another player to spread the fun as they skydive to see who can reach the finish line first.

Freefall Racers is set to be released on for Kinect through Xbox Live on September 6th for $9.99 (€9.99 / £7.99). Those wanting to see more of the game can click on the images in the gallery below to see the full-sized screenshots.

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