Wargaming Celebrates 15 Years With Announcements

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Wargaming, the developer and publisher that has found immense success with World of Tanks and are pushing that success forward with World of Warplanes, and after that, World of Warships, has been around for quite some time. In fact, they have just passed the 15 year mark for their company and what better way to celebrate the success of 15 years of making games than announcements for their expansion.

Wargaming will be adding yet another a new office and while last time it was Japan, this newest office will be opening in the United States, specifically in the city of Austin, Texas. The new office will serve as their Producing Center, Central Technology and Global Business Intelligence Groups, so that the company can centralize their worldwide communication.

But, new office aren’t the only announcements as Wargaming has a bit more to share about their games as well. In fact Wargaming will have even more IPs to work with than the World of line thanks to the acquisition of Total Annihilation and Master of Orion. While they don’t have much to comment on what plans they have in store, it will be interesting to see what Wargaming can do with the strategy titles.

Lastly, Wargaming has released that World of Warplanes will in fact be getting British planes before its launch. Britain had been completely unrepresented until now, but aircraft enthusiasts need not worry as they will be able to control planes like the Spitfire, Blenheim F and Javelin. Those wanting to see the British planes in action can check out the new released trailer embedded below.

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